Ashton Worthington

Last year, undergraduate admissions officers spent more than 10,000 hours evaluating nearly 39,000 applicants. How do they choose whom to accept when so many are so deserving?

  • Lukasz Szyszka

    Make It Stop

    Researchers are beginning to unravel the sources of chronic pain, and develop treatments for mysterious, maddening conditions.

  • Bettman/Corbis/AP Images

    'Truth Was Our Only Client'

    Richard Mosk was a young lawyer serving in the California Air National Guard when he was summoned to help sort out who killed JFK. In this first-person account, he describes his foray into Lee Harvey Oswald's life, and what he learned.

  • Krzysztof Domaradzki

    Flight Risk?

    Nine years ago, and without explanation, graduate student Rahinah Ibrahim showed up on the U.S. governments no-fly list, which barred her from re-entering the country. What happens when personal rights and the war on terror collide?