Heads of State

What began with a few tentative offerings of online coursework is now being hailed as a revolutionary teaching model that could disrupt all of higher education. Stanford is grappling with the implications and positioning itself for the next wave.

  • Excavating an Echo

    Hagia Sophia, the famous Byzantine cathedral, once vibrated with chants and music that influenced all of Christendom, then was silenced by government decree. Now a team of Stanford faculty is using technology and sonic archaeology to recreate this acoustic wonder.

  • Jonathan Edelman

    Ahead of the Curve

    Students in a studio arts class were challenged to reimagine the chair. Sit back and enjoy their interpretations, which ranged from funky to fantastic.

  • William Duke

    Time to Cash Out?

    As electronic methods for exchanging money proliferate, we are getting closer to a day when our pockets are empty. What are the benefits of a cashless economy, and what are the obstacles?