Greg Spalenka

Academic honesty, researchers say, is at risk nationwide. Stanford students and officials are responding with increased vigilance and enforcement of the Honor Code. But putting an end to cheating may require a new understanding of how students view the use of information.

  • Courtesy Stanford Archives

    Who Killed Jane Stanford?

    The death of the University’s co-founder in a Hawaii hotel has all the elements of a good whodunit—a prominent victim, shadowy details, behind-the-scenes maneuvering and some unlikely suspects. And according to a new book about Mrs. Stanford’s demise, initial reports of foul play weren’t fiction.

  • Photo: Barbara Ries

    Inside China

    Scholars have called her work indispensable and irreplaceable. Jean Oi’s forays into rural China to document changes in post-Mao society have produced fresh insights into peasant politics, and a generation of inspired students.