Strong Medicine

Photo: Glenn Matsumura

Training physicians used to be mostly about drugs and diseases. A curriculum overhaul at Stanford Medical School puts students in touch with patients in their first year, considering the person as well as the pathology.

  • Dan Page

    Beyond Red and Blue

    The rhetoric of pundits and politicians suggests that the United States is deeply divided culturally and ideologically. Don’t believe it, says a Hoover scholar, whose analysis shows most of us favor the middle ground.

  • Photo: Glenn Matsumura

    Ready for Kickoff

    Stanford Stadium has been reborn as a smaller, amenity-rich facility that University officials hope will make Cardinal football louder and prouder. Not to mention sold out.

  • Photo: Lenny Gonzalez

    Confidence Man

    Albert Bandura’s research—beginning with his famous Bobo doll experiments—has influenced a generation of psychologists. His career isn’t over, though. At 80, he is still changing people’s views of what’s possible through self-efficacy.