Photo: Timothy Archibald

Described by a friend to be “as tough a guy as I’ve ever met,” Jim Plunkett has taken his share of hits. What helps keep him on his feet, says Stanford’s only Heisman Trophy winner, is his special bond with a group of Rose Bowl teammates.

  • John Hersey

    New Light on the Brain

    Using optical technology to switch neurons on and off, Karl Deisseroth is strengthening our understanding of how the brain works, and exploring pathways into the mind.

  • McKibillo

    Long Live Lasers!

    When a Stanford grad first produced a beam of amplified light 50 years ago, it spawned a technological frenzy that revolutionized everything from precision surgery to Pink Floyd concerts. Here are the highlights.

  • Toni Gauthier

    Cardinal Created

    Looking for a holiday gift with a special connection? Check out these products conceived, designed or manufactured by Stanford alumni.