Michael Sugrue

U.S. service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with multiple injuries, including brain trauma, present new challenges for doctors. At the Palo Alto VA hospital, Sandy Lai, '93, leads a team whose innovative treatments and therapies bring hope along with healing.

  • John Hersey

    Careful Cuts

    The Great Recession battered Stanford’s endowment and led to unprecedented cost-cutting measures. Despite a loss of $300 million in revenue, University leaders say that research and teaching are largely unaffected and a recently expanded financial aid program has—for now—been preserved.

  • Courtesy Philadelphia Magazine

    Painting the Town

    What began 25 years ago as a way to combat graffiti on Philadelphia buildings—inviting taggers to help paint murals instead—has evolved into a powerful force for neighborhood renewal. Now, the program created by Jane Golden, ’75, is being copied in cities across the country.