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Multicultural Alumni Hall of Fame

The 2016 Multicultural Alumni Hall of Fame inductees with Stanford's Provost John Etchemendy. (from left to right) Provost John Etchemendy, LaDoris Hazzard Cordell, JD '74, Donald K. Warne, MD '95, Goodwin H. Liu, '91, Victor Arias, Jr., MBA '82.

The Multicultural Alumni Hall of Fame was established in 1995 at the suggestion of trustee member, Charles Ogletree, '74, MA '75. Since then, each of Stanford's four ethnic community centers: Asian American Activities Center, the Black Community Services Center, El Centro Chicano y Latino; and the Native American Cultural Center have participated. Alumni are inducted in honor of their distinguished service to their communities and society at large.

Each year the award is presented by the community centers at a festive ceremony and reception during Reunion Homecoming Weekend sponsored by the Stanford Alumni Association.

    • 2017 Kris Hayashi '97
      Executive Director, Transgender Law Center
    • 2016 Goodwin H. Liu, '91
      Associate Justice, California Supreme Court

    • 2015 Sylvia Yee, '70, MA '83, EDS '87, PhD '88
      Vice President of Programs, Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund

    • 2014 Emory M. Lee, '59, MA '64
      Retired Executive Officer and former Acting Regional Director, Office of the Regional Director, Region IX, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

    • 2013 Premal Shah, '98
      Co-Founder and President,

    • 2012 Juju Chang, '87
      News correspondent for ABC News

    • 2011 Bernadine Chuck Fong, '66, MA '68, PhD '83
      Senior managing partner for the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching; president emerita of Foothill College in Los Altos Hills.

    • 2010 Kathy Lim Ko, '80
      President and chief executive officer of the Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum (APIAHF).

    • 2009 David Henry Hwang, '79
      Award winning playwright

    • 2008 Mr. Henry Der, '68, MA '00
      Senior Programs Officer for the Four Freedoms Fund. Mr. Der worked at San Francisco-based Chinese for Affirmative Action for nearly 25 years, serving as its executive director for many years.

    • 2007 George Leong, '46, MA '47, PhD '51
      President, GFL-en Consultants, a company which advises major pharmaceutical firms around the world

    • 2006 Quyen N.Vuong, MBA '94
      Co-founder and executive director of International Children Assistance Network (ICAN)

    • 2005 Connie L. Matsui, '75, MBA '77
      Executive vice president, corporate strategy and communications for Biogen Idec Inc., the third largest company in the biotech industry

    • 2004 Wilma Chan, MA '95
      Elected to the California State Assembly in 2000, she is an outspoken advocate of children and their families and the first Asian American to hold the position of Assembly Majority Leader.

    • 2003 Dado Banatao, MS '72
      Developed advanced chip designs that helped put Silicon Valley on the map

    • 2002 Glen Fukushima, '72
      Leads the Japan operations of Cadence Design Systems

    • 2002 Sakie Fukushima, MBA '87
      A partner in and Regional Director for the Japanese firm, Korn/Ferry International

    • 2001 Jerry Yang, '90, MS '90
      Co-creator of the Yahoo! Internet navigational guide

    • 2000 Evelyn Hu-DeHart, '68
      Professor of History; Chair of the Department of Ethnic Studies; Director of the Center for Studies of Ethnicity and Race in America

    • 2000 Purnima Mankekar, MA '85
      Assistant Professor in the department of Anthropology at Stanford.

    • 2000 Denny S. Roja, MBA '71
      Managing Director of Acuity Ventures of San Jose, California

    • 1999 Dr. Bienvenido Nebres, SJ, MS '67, PhD '70
      President of Ateneo de Manila University and is among one of the most prominent Phillipino alumni from Stanford.

    • 1998 Professor Shau Wing Chan, MA '32, PhD '37
      Professor Emeritus of Chinese and Chinese Literature at Stanford

    • 1997 Professor Gordon Chang, MA '72, PhD '87
      First Director of Stanford's newly developed Asian American Studies Program in 1997

    • 1996 Professor Yamato Ichihashi, BA 1907, MA '08
      First Asian professor at Stanford; Professor 1913-1942; Professor Emeritus 1943-1963

    • 1995 Dr. Frank Y. Chuck, '22, PhD '25
      Founder of the Chinese Clubhouse and father of Bernadine Chuck Fong, former Stanford Trustee member

  • 2017 Yvette Lee Bowser, '87
    Writer, Producer and President, SisterLee Productions, Inc.
  • 2016 LaDoris Hazzard Cordell, JD '74
    Retired judge of the Superior Court of California, former Independent Police Auditor for the city of San Jose, former Palo Alto city Council Member, and former Vice Provost and Special Counselor to the President for Campus Relations

  • 2015 Dr. Joyce E. King, '69, PhD '74
    Benjamin E. Mays Endowed Chair for Urban Teaching, Learning, and Leadership and Professor of Educational Policy Studies in the College of Education & Human Development at Georgia State University

  • 2014 Augustus A. White, III, M.D., '61
    Ellen and Melvin Gordon Distinguished Professor of Medical Education and Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Harvard Medical School; Orthopaedic Surgeon-in-Chief Emeritus, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

  • 2013 Valerie B. Jarrett, '78
    Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama

  • 2012 Michelle Alexander, JD '92
    Civil rights lawyer, advocate, and legal scholar

  • 2011 Cory A. Booker, '91, MA '92
    The Honorable Cory A. Booker is the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, the largest city in the State of New Jersey.

  • 2010 Roger A. Clay, '66
    President of the Insight Center for Community Economic Development in Oakland, California.

  • 2009 V. Joy Simmons, '74, MD
    Physician and Director of Computerized Tomography and Sonography at Kaiser in Los Angeles.

  • 2008 Dr. Michael V. Drake, '71
    Chancellor, University of California, Irvine and former Vice President for Health Affairs for UC and Professor of Ophthalmology and the senior associate dean for admissions and extramural academic programs at the UC San Francisco School of Medicine.

  • 2007 Mark Dean, PhD '92
    Vice President, IBM Almaden Research Center, San Jose

  • 2006 Kennell Jackson, PhD
    Assistant Professor of History, Stanford University; Resident Fellow, Branner Hall

  • 2005 St. Clair Drake, PhD
    Founding Director, African and African American Studies, Stanford University

  • 2004 Woodrow A. Myers, '73, MBA '82
    Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Wellpoint Health Networks, and former commissioner of health for the state of Indiana and for New York City.

  • 2003 Ira D. Hall, '67, MBA '76
    President and CEO of Utendahl Capital Management, L.P., noted businessman

  • 2002 Susan E. Rice, '86
    Managing Director and Principal at Intellibridge International

  • 2001 Faye McNair-Knox, '72, MA '75, PhD '85
    Executive Director of non-profit organization; former Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Black Community Services Center

  • 2000 Harold Boyd
    Assistant and Associate Dean of Students; Director of Medical Fund for the Office of Development

  • 2000 Bell Hooks, '73
    Cultural Critic; Feminist Theorist; Activist; Writer

  • 1999 Charles J. Ogletree, '74, MA '75
    Board of Trustees Member; Jesse Climenko Professor of Law at Harvard University School of Law

  • 1999 Dr. Mae C. Jemison, '77
    First African-American female in Space, founder and president of The Jemison Group, Inc.

  • 1998 William E. Kennard '78
    First African-American chairman of the FCC.

  • 1997 Albert E. Manley, PhD '46
    Educator; Past President of Spelman College

  • 1996 James L. Gibbs, Jr., Professor Emeritus
    First tenured African-American professor at Stanford

  • 1995 Ernest Houston Johnson, BS 1895
    First Black graduate of the University

  • 2017 Delia Casillas, '74.
    Community Advocate and Mentor
  • 2016 Victor Arias, Jr., MBA '82
    Senior Client Partner at Korn Ferry International, CEO/Board Services, Global Leader, Diversity & Inclusion

  • 2015 Reymundo Espinoza, '73
    Chief Executive Officer, Gardner Family Health Services

  • 2014 Christy Haubegger, JD '92
    Agent, Creative Artists Agency; Founder, Latina magazine

  • 2013 James Montoya, '75, AM '78
    Vice President for Higher Education and International, The College Board

  • 2012 Annie M. Gutierrez, JD '71
    Retired Judge of the Superior Court in Imperial County, California

  • 2011 Frank O. Sotomayor, MA '67
    Senior Fellow at the Institute for Justice and Journalism; adjunct faculty member in journalism at USC and a Fellow with the California Endowment Health Journalism Program; former editor at the Los Angeles Times.

  • 2010 Ricardo F. Muñoz, '72
    Founder, the UCSF Depression Clinic; director, Clinical Psychology Training Program, the Latino Mental Health Research Program, and the Internet World Health Research Center at UCSF.

  • 2009 Vicki L. Ruiz , MA '78, PhD '82
    Dean of School of Humanities Professor of History and Chicano/Latino Studies at UC Irvine.

  • 2008 Dr. France Córdova, '69
    An internationally recognized astrophysicist and President of Purdue University and former Chancellor of the University of California, Riverside.

  • 2007 Jose Roberto (Beto) Juárez, Jr.,'77
    Dean of the University of Denver Sturm College of Law and a board member of the Journal of Law & Religion.

  • 2006 Dr. Elena Rios, '77
    President and CEO of the National Hispanic Medical Association.

  • 2005 Francisco Cancino, '56
    Legal leader and advocate for education, employment and voting rights.

  • 2004 Luis G. Nogales, JD '69
    Founder and managing partner of Nogales Investors and a board member of Edison International, KB Home, Arbitron Inc., The Getty Trust, and the Mayo Clinic Trust.

  • 2003 Jim Plunkett, '71
    Former professional football player who has won the Heisman Trophy, two Super Bowl titles and a Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award

  • 2002 Felix Gutierrez, MA '72, PhD '76
    Visiting Professor of Journalism at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California

  • 2001 Yvonne Aida Maldonado, MD '81
    Associate Professor in Department of Pediatrics at Stanford University; Pediatric researcher

  • 2001 Rachel F. Moran, '78
    Professor of Law at University of California School of Law

  • 2000 José R. Padilla, '74
    Executive Director of California Rural Legal Assistance

  • 2000 Xavier Becerra '80, JD '84
    California Congressman

  • 1999 María Echaveste, '76
    Assistant and Deputy Chief of Staff for U.S. President William Jefferson Clinton

  • 1999 Arturo Islas, '60, MA '65, PhD '71
    English Professor, first tenured Chicano faculty member at Stanford University

  • 1998 Ellen Ochoa, MS '81, PhD '85
    First Latina astronaut

  • 1998 Ernesto Galarza, MA '29
    Activist, scholar, and organizer

  • 1997 Dr. Francisco Bravo, MD '36

  • 1996 Margarita Espinosa, '27, MA '28
    Principal of Castilleja School for young women

  • 1996 Helen Gertrude Dominguez, '20
    First Chicana/Mexicana to graduate from Stanford

  • 1995 Aurelio Espinosa, Professor Emeritus, '27, MA '28
    Stanford University Professor Emeritus, Spanish and Portuguese

  • 2017 Karletta Chief, '98, MS '00
    Assistant Professor & Extension Specialist-Hydrology Department of Soil, Water & Environmental Science University of Arizona
  • 2016 Dr. Donald K. Warne, MD '95
    Chair, Department of Public Health, Associate Professor, Mary J. Berg Distinguished Professorship in Women's Health, College of Health Professions, North Dakota State University

  • 2015 Dr. Troy Walter Barbee, Jr., '59, MS '62, PhD '65
    Senior Scientist in the Material Science Division, Physical and Life Sciences Directorate of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

  • 2014 Chris E. McNeil, Jr., '70, JD '78
    Attorney at Law, retired President and CEO, Sealaska Corporation

  • 2013 Maile Apau Jachowski, '81, MD '87
    Physician, Educator, Community Health and Fitness Advocate

  • 2012 Loren Kieve, '69
    Trial lawyer and legal scholar

  • 2011 Stephanie A. Fryberg, MA '00, PhD '03
    Associate professor of psychology and affiliate faculty of American Indian Studies at the University of Arizona.

  • 2010 William A. Thorne, Jr., JD '77
    Judge, Utah Court of Appeals.

  • 2009 Hilary Tompkins, JD '96
    Solicitor of the United States Department of the Interior.

  • 2008 Dr. N. Scott Momaday, MA '60, PhD '63
    Poet and Pulitzer prize-winning novelist, a playwright, a painter, a storyteller, and a professor of English and American literature.

  • 2007 Emmett Chase, MD '82
    First California Indian physician in the United States and the founding CEO of the K'ima:w Medical Center.

  • 2006 Malinda Maynor Lowery, MA '97
    President of the Board of Directors of the Carolina Arts Network; award-winning producer of documentary films on Native American issues.

  • 2005 James A. Larimore, MA '95
    Dean of the College at Dartmouth; former student affairs officer at Stanford University

  • 2004 Robert H. (Piestewa) Ames, '51, JD '54
    First Native American graduate of the Stanford Law School, the first member of his tribe to become an attorney and former Chief Judge of the Hopi Tribal Court.

  • 2003 Edna Ahgeak MacLean, PhD '95
    President of Ieisabvik College in Barrow, Alaska

  • 2002 Charman Akina, '54, MD, '58
    Helped start an adult-care health facility in rural Hawaii and practices a holistic type of medicine

  • 2001 W. Richard West, JD '71
    Founding Director of Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian

  • 2000 Sandra Begay-Campbell, MS '91
    Former Executive Director of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society

  • 1999 Debora Lynn Norris, '93
    Youngest member of Arizona State Legislature; one of first two Native American women to serve in Arizona House of Representatives

  • 1998 John F. Gonzales, '80
    Political leader; Artist

  • 1997 Margo D. Kerrigan, '75
    Area Director for the California Area Office, Indian Health Service

  • 1996 Woesha Cloud North (1918-1992), MA '72
    Educator; Founder of the American Public Health Association?s American Indian and Alaska Native Caucus

  • 1995 John Milton Oskison (1874-1947), BA 1898
    1898-First Native American to graduate from Stanford; Writer