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Reunion Videos: Your Confessions

Watch what happens when alumni hop on the Golf Cart Confessions taxi and get chatty with our cabbie during Reunion Homecoming.

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Top Tales

A couple of my fondest Stanford memories: Frisbee golf at midnight. We played several campus courses, usually aiming for buildings, statues, bollards, stop signs, etc. One night, just as several of our frisbees connected with the target, a large sculpture near the law school, an old man comes around the corner and starts haranguing us for disrespecting the art. We just apologized and then laughingly proceeded to tee off to disrespect our next target. The Dish Dish with Ian, Mary Ellen and Rich. We'd hike up in pitch black to pitch porcelain pilfered from the dining halls onto the pavement surround The Dish. We'd flick, roll and toss the dishes to see whose would go farthest downhill before breaking. There was a technique to it--you wanted to keep it low to capitalize on the roll or slide! We called it dishing dishes at The Dish. One night we even had cows as our audience. Crazy freshman fun.

Gloria Tzuang, '94

In the fall of 1940, as I enrolled in the GSB, I was able to get a "hashing job" at the Chi Omega Sorority. The new inductees (Sophomores) just moved in. I spotted this cute little gal and I instantly new this was it! We got married in February of 1943 - my bride, Barbara Cull '43, went back to take her finals, and I went off to war (Navy). We have now enjoyed 71 years of an extremely happy marriage. GO STANFORD!!!

George A Jedenoff, AB '40, MBA '42

We met at Prof John Bravman's E50 Materials Sci class!! I suck at FCC and BCCs and 'always needed help!' Hours turned to days and weeks then planing for a trip by the time the quarter was (regrettably) over. Those were some of the most fun days of our lives. You know, carefree undergrad life with not a worry (except midterms and finals, lol). Wish we could head back to Stanford right now and just spend a week there disconnected from work and the rest of the world, just going to the spots where we used to hang out: in Terman (is it still there??), meeting her after classes at the containers near Roble, dinners at Celia's with her drawmates, Peking Duck at that Chinese restaurant along El Camino Real, introducing her to horse riding at the polo club's stables, crazy day-trip ski trips which us poor undergrad students would do... Oh, what I would give for us to be able to go back there RIGHT NOW! We've been together since, and gone for many adventures together and many more planned!

Anonymous, '00

The Madera House RAs spent all year making a Super 8 movie. From each of us walking up on the first day to sunbathing on the roof to mud sports on Wilbur Field to Halloween, secret Santas, Talent offerings and Screw Your Roommate -- Madera was the place to be in '82-'83. The movie which we viewed in June and has since been lost (probably a good thing) said it all!

Megan Swezey Fogarty, '86

During Freshman year at Roble, 4 of us took a canoe out on Lake Lag around midnight, and we brought our own paddles. Somehow the paddle heads unscrewed from their poles, filled with water, and sank. One of us was a great swimmer and a 'hero', and he swam/pulled us to shore. We still laugh about that one!

Jennifer Miller, '81

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