Photo: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

HUD Secretary Julián Castro and his congressman brother, Joaquín, have never forgotten where they came from—a series of homes on San Antonio’s West Side that provided an important ingredient for their success: hope.

  • Photo: Courtesy Airstream

    Our Favorite Mobile Device

    Invented by Stanford alumnus Wally Byam, ’21, the Airstream trailer has become a national symbol of adventure, style and individuality. 

  • Photo: Paulo Segadães

    Writing Home

    A novelist in Portugal relates how his experience as an expatriate and the immersive qualities of his work changed his perspective on the meaning of home.

  • Photo: Bruce Damonte

    Rethinking the Nest

    Professors David Spiegel and Helen Blau struggled with the thought of tearing down their longtime home and building a new one, but were convinced by the vision of an advocate they could believe in—their architect son.

  • Illustration: Aaron Kober

    Fiction: The Birds in Your House

    A teenage girl and her mother encounter a strange and wondrous event on the first night in their new house, in this fictional short story by former Stegner fellow Tom Kealey.