Favorite Son

Photo: Glenn Matsumura

Provost and engineering professor John Hennessy spent 22 years teaching, researching and rising through the academic ranks. And, like every self-respecting computer scientist, he took a year's sabbatical to start a company. In September, he becomes the University's 10th president.

  • Photo: Peter Stember

    Where on Earth?

    The Global Positioning System changed navigation forever. Now GPS pioneer Brad Parkinson and his band of graduate students are harnessing the technology to track the precise location of almost anything.

  • Michelle Chang

    Looking for the Right Road

    For more than two decades, he has grappled with waste and absurdity as a Third World development expert. Now the author wonders why he bothered -- and why he can't quit.

  • W. Ross Humphreys and Robin Stancliff

    The Treasure of Mata Ortiz

    In a remote Mexican village, second-grade dropout Juan Quezada rediscovered the secret of fashioning exquisite pottery -- and shared it with his neighbors. Walt Parks helped introduce the rest of the world to this extraordinary art.