Like any student newspaper, the Stanford Daily has been both reviled and revered. But whether jabbing the administration or lamenting the perils of dating, reporters who’ve had their Daily dose keep coming back for more.

  • Photo: Glenn Matsumura

    Winning Ways

    Stanford Law School professor Barbara Babcock is used to being first. Her pioneering path for women in the law has hardened her resolve, sharpened her folksy wit and inspired a generation of students.

  • R.B. Dunbar

    Frozen Assets

    One writer called it “the last, best place.” Still virtually pristine, and epic in its grandeur, Antarctica attracts more scientific attention than ever. Stanford oceanographer Rob Dunbar, with a few undergraduates in tow, is trying to figure out what the icy continent can teach us about global warming.

  • Photo: Barbara Ries

    The Rah-Rah Sisterhood

    They travel long distances, scream until they’re hoarse and know that the pick-and-roll is not a dance maneuver. They are members of the Fast Break Club, and they are simply crazy about Stanford women’s basketball.

  • Shino Arihara


    Going Home

    In this year’s winning fiction entry, a son returns to his boyhood home to bury his mother and discovers her long-hidden secret. As he considers the life she wanted but never knew, he wonders: does duty outweigh the right to happiness?