November/December 2014


Far Afield

In the Arctic and the Gobi Desert, and on one of the world's largest coral colonies, Stanford researchers are growing knowledge and understanding, and enjoying one heck of a view.

Keeping Secrets

When a team of scholars presented a paper on cryptography in the late 1970s, it spurred a battle with the government that underscored fundamental tensions between academic freedom and national security. Who was right and who was wrong?

Mistaken Identity

His mother told him he was Native American and introduced him to a series of "fathers," supposed substitutes for his biological dad. In a powerful memoir, Brando Skyhorse, '95, describes a nomadic childhood and his search to discover who he really is.

Farm Report

Where's the Carbon?

Carbon mapping

A Saudi Connection

A research partnership

When Earth Took a Wallop

Asteroid aftermath

Bells and Whistles

3-D printing

A Sampler for 2014-15

Eclectic electives

Therapy to Go

Therapy in an app

Stanford's Own Mystery House

Kingscote Garden

Mr. All-Purpose

Ty Montgomery wants more

Zero Tolerance

Soccer's savior



Not for the Timid

Faraway places


The Brain: The Final Frontier?

Research on the brain

1,000 WORDS

The Body Electric


No Simple Apology

In Germany, a reconciliation tour


Her New Groove

Music reviewer, Gina Arnold, PhD '11


Ode to Serendipity

The language of love

Class Notes


CBS Executive and Outdoors Lover

Richard William Jencks, '46, JD '48

Social Entrepreneur

Priya Haji, '93

Big-Wave Surfer and Oceanographer

Richard "Ricky" Grigg, '58

Online Exclusives

"For Love of Country"

Q&A with war correspondent Rajiv Chandrasekaran, '94