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Design Thinking for New Product/Services Development (5:00 PM Pacific Time)

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Tue, November 09, 2021
05:00PM - 06:30PM
Zoom Virtual Event
Zoom, Menlo Park CA 94025
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Ms. Kathryn Gorges

Design thinking is a great framework for new products and services development and is useful to all entrepreneurs.  In this workshop you will you will learn some key mindsets and tools to help you and your team in your innovation process, regardless of the process you are currently using.

This is an interactive and experiential session where you have a chance to understand why design thinking is relevant to creating new products/services and experiences for your customers and explore how to apply this to your projects.

At the end of the session, you will:

  • Understand the mindsets and principles behind design thinking
  • Have experimented with four tools that you can use in your innovation work
  • Be ready to try on some of your own projects

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