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AI: Everything You Want To Know But Are Afraid To Ask (6:30pm Pacific)

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Wed, June 09, 2021
06:30PM - 08:00PM
Virtual Event, Mill Valley CA 94941
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Michael Broom, '99, MA '00

Artificial Intelligence underlies so many aspects of our daily lives — from the recommendations we get on Netflix, to the products we buy on Amazon, to the cars we drive, to the healthcare we receive, to credit and financial decisions made about us.

Join us for a lively and educational discussion with Jake Moskowitz, MBA ‘02. Jake is Head of Data Strategy for Ericsson Emodo, and host of a multi-award winning podcast on AI and other emerging technologies. In addition to a clear and concise description of AI, you’ll also hear about how AI is being applied in a variety of fields, what are some ethical issues that emerge with AI, and the future of the relationship between humans and algorithms. Join just to listen in, or bring your questions!

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