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Travel and Covid-19

Updated 8/26/2021

The following areas of consideration are informing Stanford Travel/Study’s decisions to operate trips as well as guiding our travel protocols. While the measures we have listed below have been shown to significantly mitigate the chances of contracting Covid-19, there is no way to completely eliminate the risk of infection while traveling. Each participant must assess their own risk tolerance and make their own decision as to whether or not they feel comfortable traveling, understanding that there is a small, but real, chance of becoming infected.

Vaccination Requirement
All travelers (regardless of age) who are eligible for vaccination will be required to upload documentation showing they have been fully vaccinated for Covid-19. We will do our best to accommodate those who cannot take the vaccine for medical or religious reasons. Travelers may request an exception and if approved will be required to undergo Covid-19 testing. Other requirements may also apply.

Risk Assessment
We work closely with Stanford’s Risk Management and Environmental Health and Safety departments as well as a private international security service and in-country experts. In addition, we regularly review U.S. State Department guidelines and CDC and WHO recommendations. Every Travel/Study trip goes through a rigorous vetting and evaluation process in which we track regional conditions, requirements for entry to international destinations as well as for returning to the U.S., and local laws and guidelines. Our risk assessment extends not only to our travelers, faculty and staff, but also to the communities we visit.

Traveler Health and Safety
We have developed our own set of standards and protocols, addressing everything from face coverings and social distancing to sanitation and hygiene and everything in between. These protocols, informed by the evolving global situation, outline our expectations and requirements for staff and local partners (e.g., guides, bus drivers, accommodations, venues, etc.) in addition to participants. In addition to the vaccine requirement, we require all participants to sign a Traveler Agreement prior to departure. Furthermore, we are tracking numerous regulations and requirements to ensure that travelers are prepared with up-to-date information and receive the necessary support. We will share comprehensive destination-specific information prior to departure, and our seasoned tour managers will be on hand to provide assistance throughout the program. Lastly, we have updated our included insurance (for U.S. residents only) to address the risks and uncertainty of the pandemic, with increased coverage for trip interruption and delay, as well as accident and emergency evacuation, and a new benefit that provides coverage up to $14,000 for quarantine expenses incurred from a positive Covid-19 PCR test during the program.

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